My name is Candace. I am a full-time working mama living on the West Coast of British Columbia. I have taken on the challenge of  pairing down my lifestyle, and as much of my family’s as they can handle, from an average Canadian suburban one, packed full of consumer conveniences, to one of simplicity, frugality and zero waste. Ideally, this would be a lifestyle that could be maintained by everyone in the world sustainably.

I am doing this because:

1. I want to be free. I want to be free of debt, free of clutter and free of the need to work full-time. I love my job and my work, but I don’t want to feel like I have to work to pay off a mortgage.

2. Climate change is the issue of our time and one of best ways to stop rising global temperatures is for everyone in developing countries to simplify, curb our demand for fossil fuels, and materials made with the use of them, and dramatically reduce our carbon footprints.

3. I really believe now living the intention “to live simply so others can simply live” is the happiest path to the good life and the most lovely expression of compassion and kindness to those in the world less fortunate than myself.

I’ll be posting on my efforts to:

1) Reduce my belongings to only those I really truly need and/or am emotionally attached to

2) Reduce my consumption of new materials to only those things I or my family truly need

3) Improve my ecological footprint by reducing my use of energy, creating a zero waste home and office, and eliminating toxic materials and products

4) Become more self reliant and capable of doing things myself (like growing my own food, mending my own clothes, fixing my own bicycle etc)

This blog is focused primarily on my own decisions and my own actions although my husband has been a huge supporter of this challenge (especially since most of these actions are also frugal actions!) and is working right alongside me as we make small changes one by one. Even my 5 year old son is on board turning off the water “to save water for the raccoons and other people” 🙂


I started this blog in June of 2013 and three years in we’ve made a lot of changes. However incremental they have all been collectively they are beginning to add up to a big lifestyle change. I hope what I share here can help others too.

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