The case for plant-based eating

IMG_5872For 40 days I went cold turkey and switched from an omnivore diet to a strict vegan one. Over those 40 days I did research to see if making the switch really made a difference – for the environment, for animals, for people and for my health. I am convinced it does after reviewing all this material. I place it here for those who like to delve a bit deeper or those who think I have possibly gone off the deep end of crazy.

I have to admit that I have not stuck with the pure vegan diet since Lent. I have included a small amount of Ocean Wise salmon and will eat the fish my husband catches on his annual fishing trip. I’ve cheated a couple of times and had some of the grass fed beef that we had already purchased and was going to go bad. The case for leaving fish alone is pretty sound, but I am new to the diet and don’t have the confidence and practice necessary to ensure that both myself and my family are getting all the right nutrients just yet. Although my husband is not practicing a vegan diet, and neither is my son, I do most of the meal planning and cooking so in reality they eat what I eat most of the time and I want to make sure I know what I am doing before I eliminate all sources of B12 and DHA from the main meals.

I did a lot of research over the 40 days and here is some of what I found if you feel like reading up on the vegetarian/vegan case.


Modern Farmer: Inside the Milk Machine: How Modern Dairy Works

Free From Harm: A Small Dairy Farmer Addresses a Vegan’s Concern about Separating Calves from Mothers

Speaking Truth to Power: Understanding the Dominant, Animal-Eating Narrative for Vegan Empowerment and Social Transformation


*George Monbiot discussion of environmental and animal welfare impacts of meat and milk production [OPINION]

*Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): Livestocks Long Shadow [STUDY]

National Geographic Water Conservation Tips Site: Meat listed as one water user [TIPS]

**Infographic on Veganism [FACTS/NUMBERS]


UNEP: Energy and Agriculture Top Resource Panel’s Priority List for Sustainable 21st Century



Veg News: Study finds Veganism can combat world hunger


*newly added


Veganism by the numbers.

Infographic by


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