And the local eats challenge begins

Encouraged by the bounty at our recent Farmers Market and our growing home garden we just out of the blue decided to try and eat primarily what we can get from the market and from what we grow for the summer. It sounded like a fresh, delicious and fun way to eat local, save money and reduce waste (more on our food waste efforts to come in a later post but so far our efforts have reduced our food bill by half).

The pizza in progress pictured here is the beginnings of our efforts. It is a mix of things we already had in the kitchen, organic products we had already bought and our newest market and garden additions.

The pizza crust is organic flour and leftover cornmeal from Mothers Day brunch made in the bread machine. I know…a bread machine…not very energy conscious, but we haven’t found the time to make our bread and dough from scratch without it yet…still every bit of carb. treat we make at home saves a plastic bag which always makes me happy.

photo 2

The herbs are from our new expansive front walk up herb garden.

photo 3

We always waste paste and sauce making pizzas so I used olive oil, garlic paste and my herbs as a base instead. In mid to late summer all our pizzas become pesto pizzas when Dylan’s mom makes huge batches of pesto from their garden basil. We usually get lots of frozen bags of it from her and are always very grateful for it!

photo 4The organic Kale is from Thrifty’s and is not local but the tomatoes are from the Farmers Market and smell like tomatoes should…so rich and fresh and earthy.

I am going to try and make a pizza completely from the market and our garden next week. I wonder what it will have on it!

3 thoughts on “And the local eats challenge begins

  1. We have just started to plant our first veggies and really trying to eat more food that we grow ourselves. The snails unfortunately also like our salads, courgettes and beans…

    1. Thanks for the follow! We have had the same problems with our strawberries. Since we have tried to make a meal of our garden this year we have really realized how difficult it is to grow enough to eat rather than just for fun. Last year the birds ate all our blueberries in one day. We were devastated! This year we have netting on them 🙂

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