The Inventory: Clearing the Clutter

The first step in my simple living challenge will be to inventory all my possessions, decide what will be kept, and then give away or sell the rest.

A blog post by another “simple lifer” suggested you go through each room and only keep those things that you absolutely need and/or have emotional attachment to. I imagine deciding what you have genuine emotional attachment to (and should keep) and what you are just plain attached too (because you have grown accustomed to having it or just plain like it), might be a difficult line to find the edge of. But I think the gist of the concept is to imagine what you might grab in a fire.

I like this idea a lot so I am going to try it and see how it goes. Our house is a hoarders paradise and clutter is a real problem so I think this is a good place to start. It has the potential to expose some real immediate benefits of this process and improve the quality of our everyday life by clearing the clutter of unneeded items.  I can already see that the very act of cleaning house will be cathartic.

The first step will be to create categories for sorting that will assist with the process. These below seem appropriate:
1) Garbage

2) Perfectly good things that I am absolutely not attached to (give away or sell)

3) Things I just am not sure I can part with yet (put away in a box for 6 months to see if I really need them then give away or sell)

4) Things I really need and/or have emotional attachment to for one reason or another (gifts, family heirlooms, etc)

I have a feeling that this process will be harder than I think and take longer than I imagine but I feel it will be worth the effort in the end.

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